About Vina Vietnamese Restaurant and reviews

he first location of Vina Restaurant was opened in December of 1982 in St.Paul, Minnesota. In the next ten years, three more locations (Richfield, Midway and Uptown) were added. Since the first opening, Vina has impressed diners from Minneapolis, St.Paul and beyond. With the authentic Vietnamese cuisine, we have received recognitions from most local media such as, City Pages, Minneapolis and St.Paul magazines, St.Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch, Twin Cities Reader, Metro Magazine..etc...

Decades later,the restaurant popularity continues; even though the original founder now only maintains the location in Richfield. Throughout the years, our goal is still the same and that is to develop a healthier Vietnamese quick-service establishment and provide consistent quality and freshness to our beloved customers.

Here are some articles from local newspapers about Vina Restaurant throughout the years:

...We stand in line to get into restaurant such Vina, where fast service, reasonable prices and unique food are an irresistable combination..

St.Paul Pioneer Press (June 1985)

 ...the place is reportedly always packed with happy diners stuffing themselves with food from Vina's leaping platters..

Citi Pages (September 1993)

 ...Vina offers an impressive level of efficient service. The room is pleasant and cozy if a bit utilitarian, and you can see entire families around round table tucking into steaming hot bowls of noodles brimming with beansprouts and hot sauces...

Metro Magazines (February 2007)




went here with a friend for a quick lunch. the spring rolls were tasty but should have stopped there both dishes came with fried rice.. mostly bland white rice with soy a few bits of carrots and a couple peas.. my friend had a little...



I was staying at a hotel near Richfield and ordered a meal for delivery. The Fresh Rolls wrappers were chewy and not fresh and the filling was mainly tasteless iceberg lettuce with no herbs or seasoning. Peanut dipping sauce was watery. Chicken salad was flavorless...


Lindsey A

I ordered the sesame chicken and it was NOT good. I NEVER send food back. Asked to get something different. Apparently they can't do that. Been here before several times and never had an issue before. Just can't believe they didn't care.



Had the pho, broth very flavorful. Have only had pho there but other options look great and large portions.


Suzanne G

I had the "imperial" egg rolls. They are supposed to contain shrimp and pork. I could not discern this by taste or texture. Not worth paying extra for. Then I ordered the Kung Pao chicken. I love this dish and have had many excellent examples....



Cold in winter, especially by the windows. Honestly, if I didn't go here to meet friends and family I would never go. I have been here about 8 times, and I always try something different, hoping to find something better than just edible, always wondering...


Lindsey A

The Egg Rolls are sooooo good! The texture of them are amazing! Coconut Curry Chicken and Hot & Spicy Chicken are favorites!



If you are looking for decent food with a good price this is the one. I usually go there for Pho. The place is quite clean. Food is serve very quickly. Server are very friendly. This may be the best Vietnamese food in town.


Suzanne G

I ordered kung pao chicken and a seafood stirfy. The kung pao was very bland and just average. I've had it where it had a nice spice to it to liven it up---and this didn't. The seafood stirfy was OK, again nothing special. It was...



This is our favorite place to go. We have taken parties of 10-12 folks and the service is fast! The food is authentic and my hubby and I often share an entree as they are generous portions. Their regular egg rolls are the absolute best...

About Vina Vietnamese Restaurant and reviews
About Vina Vietnamese Restaurant and reviews
About Vina Vietnamese Restaurant and reviews